Tuesday, August 5, 2008

William "Deep Freezer" Jefferson - One Kool Kat!

"The Most Ethical Congress Ever" - Nancy Pelosi.

Does the Pelosi statement ring a bell? Does the name William Jefferson bring back any fond memories? Jason Mattera from Young America's Foundation caught Congressman Jefferson with his panties down in this YouTube video with some really funny questions recently. The expression on Jefferson's face is priceless. Watch the video below. Thanks to LaShawn Barber for bringing this to our attention.

If you don't recall who Jefferson is, he's the Democratic Congressman from Louisiana who was caught with $90,000.00 wrapped in foil in a freezer in his home. Talk about "cool cash". Of course what do you expect from a man named "William Jefferson" and from a Political Party that gave us the honorable crack smoking Marion Berry, former Mayor of Washington D.C. - integrity?


Burnt Toast said...

I think I heard this on the local radio show this morning. Absolutely awesome!

They should have locked this jackass up years ago. Louisiana is known for it's political corruption and Jefferson is no different. Tried and true, through and through, blue ribbon, Grade A, corrupt politician.

You heard about his extended family getting busted recently too, did you not?

Google Mose Jefferson or Betty Jefferson. Brother and sister to William. Good people. Real good people. Fuckers.

Greasywrench said...

This Donkey Dick had the stones to be offended when Jason Mattera was asking questions.

He's up for re-election this year too. I wonder what the odds are he'll get another term in office.

The whole damn family is as crooked as a dog leg. Rotten apples all of them.