Monday, September 22, 2008

Mazdas Suck and I'm Back!

I just started a new job today in an auto shop that specializes in Japanese auto repair and boy did they throw me to the Wolves. I had the bad luck to get stuck with a Mazda V-6 engine equipped with a supercharger. The firewall bank has water in the number 1 cylinder indicating a blown head gasket or a cracked head.

The Snap-On All-Data labor guide gives twenty-two hours labor to pull both heads. I am pulling the one with water in the cylinder in an automotive version of exploratory surgery. It figures I'd get the shitty bank (firewall side) to yank. Oh well. Welcome back to the wonderful world of Car Wars greasywrench.

I enjoy working on Japanese cars but this thing is not what I expected when I got back into auto repair. I was all set to dazzle my new boss with my speed and knowledge and this thing comes along. Why didn't I apply for Welfare? Oh Lord!


Burnt Toast said...

Hey buddy, how's the new J-O-B going?

Hope all is well.

Greasywrench said...

The job is fine. I have always enjoyed working on the Japanese Cars as they are so much more superior (with the exception of our light and heavy trucks) to their American counterparts. I have a lot of catching up to do as far as the new technology is concerned. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the new cars but a couple of courses at the local community college should remedy that.

I am only fifty-five (on November sixth) so I expect to work at least ten more years. Auto repair has been my life Brett, but the technology is so dynamic I have to get modernized. Right now I'm considered a Dinosaur so it's time to get up to speed. Thanks for asking buddy.