Saturday, January 31, 2009

Congratulations To Michael Steele

Michael Steele has been named the new chairman of the Republican National Committee. All congratulations are in order. I guess this means we will be seeing less of him on Hannity and O'Reilly in the coming years.

Here's hoping he can get the GOP back on track and help restore it to its roots. What we had in the 2008 Presidential election was a slightly right of center candidate in John McCain. McCain is a genuine war hero and a basically good man but he, in the eyes of many, is a RINO. I took strong exception to his "compassionate immigration policy" and some other issues.

Now - if the GOP wants to get back into the White House in 2012 they're gonna have to get back to what sets the party apart from the Democrats. Maybe Steele can lead the way. Time will tell.

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