Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's Rant: Hey Man, Got An Extra Smoke?

I wish I had a dollar for every time some asshole passed me by and gave me the old "hey man, got an extra smoke". At five dollars a pack I could have a million and I wouldn't give one away.

Alright, when it's an older person who's obviously down on their luck I cough (pun intended) one up. What pisses me off is when a twenty something with a new beach cruiser, two hundred dollar Nikes, and a cell phone that does everything but make soup pulls this shit on me.

I have been in the habit of sitting on my buddy Kevin's front porch on my days off and shooting the shit. Invariably some young fucker will come by and try and bum one. When I refuse (which I usually do) the douchebags usually get offended as if I owe them one. You should hear some of the shit and arguments they give me and what I have to put up with.

This doesn't include the cholo/lowrider types who usually start a street conversation with the expression "I just got out" or try and justify anything and everything with the "ah come on dawg" bullshit.

Fuck you! I work for a living and I'm fifty-five so get a job or quit smoking - I don't really give a shit which option you choose. And if you "just got out" you can just go right back in. Society doesn't need you and neither do I.

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Destress Yourself said...

I must say, your rant made me laugh a little. Sounds like you found a good way to relieve your stress.