Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The First 2009 Douchebag Award Goes To...

Nazi Pelosi.

Just the Greasywrench way of saying thanks for the huge bill signed by President Obama today in Denver. Besides mortgaging the future of our children, this bill further speeds our beloved Country's slow but sure slide into Socialism.

Living in Kalifornia one can see how Government mismanagement and Nanny State meddling has worked for us. Ten-thousand state employees were layed off today, the state legislature is still trying to come up with a budget, and taxpayers are being issued IOU's in lieu of tax returns. The pencil pushers have still not learned from the mistakes of the past and continue to pursue the same spend more while taking in less fiscal policies. No wonder there is so little respect for Politicians and Government. It's business as usual in Sacramento. Oh, by the way, did I mention Pelosi is from Kalifornia? Who would have thought?

As the Speaker Of The House, Nazi Pelosi has been a tax and spend Liberal cliche. The final joke on the American electorate is after ramming the bill through the House (with no one even reading it) Pelosi and several of her stooges jetted off to Italy. Unfortunately, she is also expected to return.

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