Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tonight's Lakers Vs Boston Game

Well I guess we will see tonight if the Lakers have really improved since the drubbing they took last Summer against the Celtics. Yeah, I know the Lakers beat the Celts on Christmas day but that was a home game. The true test of a Championship team in the NBA is road play. The Lakers have to be able to win on the road to go deep in the playoffs again.

As I said last Spring, teams can and do get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to officiating at home. On the road it's a different story, hence the need to win away from home. Tonight's game should be very interesting. Kobe is playing at the top of his game, Pau Gasol is looking very good too. Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza are very improved and Lamar Odom seems to have taken to his roll coming off the bench very well. Without Andrew Bynum the Lakers are a much weaker team but as the old saying goes "injuries are a part of the game".

Well it's on again tonight and unless they meet again in the NBA finals, this will be the last time these two teams see each other this season. I have a feeling this is only a preview of bigger and better things to come. Any predictions Toast?


Burnt Toast said...

Great game last night!

Kobe killed it with another strong performance. I saw on ESPN a headline, who is better? Kobe or LeBron? Right now, it's Kobe. And your boy Gasol put in a great all-around performance too. It's playing like the that will lead the Lakers to the Finals once again.

As for the Celtics? Well, a little bump in the road never hurt to wake up a team. Talent-wise they are as strong as any NBA team, but it's damned long road to the Finals.

Greasywrench said...

It's a damn good thing KG fouled out before the overtime. Otherwise the ending may have been different. I still feel Boston has one up on the Lakers defense. Damn they're strong. Good game and it may be the tie-breaker for a home court advantage should the teams finish in a tie at playoff time.