Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Okay - Here We Go Again...Go Lakers!

Well the NBA playoffs have begun and the Lakers are the home court favorites in the West. Just as last year the Lakers will have what should be an easy draw for the first round. But...a funny thing happened tonight - no one told the Utah Jazz to lay down and quit.

As usual the Lakers came out smoking and built a nice first-half lead. The problem is they play two half's in the NBA. The Lakers have a terrible habit of choking away leads in the third period. Tonight was no different. They were outscored by ten points in the third period and the Jazz made it a game.

Not to take anything away from the Jazz, but the Lakers should dominate this team. Turnovers in the form of ball handling were/are one of the Lakers biggest problems. The big three, Gasol, Odom, and Bynum need to stop the dribbling in the low post. They were pick-pocketed at least five times in the last period. Get the turnovers under control and sweep these guys Lakers.

The Lakers are up two games to none. Game three is next and it's in Utah. Winning on the road is the key to an NBA championship. We shall see what happens next.

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