Sunday, May 3, 2009

Damn - That Didn't Take Long!

In an earlier post I predicted that Manny Pacquiao would drop Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton in six rounds. Well WTF do I know? Hatton barely lasted two rounds.

The Pacman ended the fight with a left that had the Hitman unconscious and on the canvas for six minutes. Here's hoping that Ricky Hatton suffered no lasting damage from the devastating punch that put him on queer street.

As for Pacquiao, it's on to bigger and better things. Perhaps a match next Fall with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Maybe Floyd should re-think his un-retirement after witnessing what happened last night to Hatton. As I said in a post last year - it is Paquiao who is the PFP best fighter in boxing, not Mayweather.

Now if Floyd has the stones to step into the ring with Manny he may learn a very painful lesson about the proper time to stay retired. Oscar De La Hoya learned the hard way and so may Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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