Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lakers Tough One Out In Denver

After a series of blowouts in the Rockets vs Lakers semi-final we're getting to see some dogfight Basketball now. All three games have been close and could have gone either way. After losing home-court on Thursday night the Lakers toughed on out in Denver and went and got it back.

Kobe was great tonight along with Pau Gasol, Trevor Arizza, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakers. After being down early in the first period the Lakers wouldn't quit. To all the sports writer who have been questioning the heart of the Lakers, it's time to shut up. They didn't stop fighting and scrapping until the final buzzer.

Thanks to a key steal by Trevor Arizza in the closing minutes and great defense by Lamar Odom on the inbound the Lakers were able to pull this one out. Kobe had forty-one points and two very clutch three pointers in the fourth period to nail it down.

Game four is on Monday in Denver. Unlike the Utah and Houston series, this one is shaping up to be everything I hoped it would be. We're seeing some very good Basketball and hard fought games.

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