Friday, June 12, 2009

Brilliant Comrade? Bwaaahaaahaaaa!

You got to love the North Korean leaders for some of the asinine titles they assume. It's been reported that Kink Junk Mentally Ill, the current leader of North Korea has bestowed upon his successor (and Son) the title of "Brilliant Comrade". "Dear Leader", as Kink Junk Mentally Ill is known, evidently has plans for passing on the reins of leadership soon to his Son. So much for the "Democratic" in the peoples republic when it comes to the NOKOS. Can you say the words Monarchy and Nepotism and NOT include the North Koreans?

What a mockery and perversion the various Communist leaders of the World have made of two simple words - Republic and Democracy. And yet there are nitwits in the USA who still extol the virtues of Communism. The lessons of Cuba, Venezuela, China and the failed USSR among other totalitarian Governments are lost on these people. One of the great lunacies of the far-left in the USA is they have learned NOTHING from history. They continue to advocate the same mistakes of the past while expecting different results...which is the ultimate definition of stupidity.

For Example: We actually have a working Republic (NOT a Democracy) here in the U.S. and it can hardly be called a success these days when you consider the Unconstitutional power grab by our current Socialist regime headed by Barack Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress. We will have the option (hopefully) of throwing some of the rascals out in less than two years. Then again things are changing fast in the USA and nothing would surprise me at this point in time considering the corrupt actions of ACORN and other so-called community organizations.

But - you have to laugh at the ridiculous terms the North Koreans use for their leaders considering the Country is starving to death and the citizens glean the fields for grass and mud pies in lieu of food. Now I wonder how much food could have been provided for the people of North Korea had "Dear Leader" abandoned his plans to be a Nuclear Power and invested all those resources in food and fuel for his people. There's a special place in Hell for for "Dear Leaders" such as Kink Junk Ilk for allowing his people to starve and freeze so he can watch porn, drink good Scotch and eat lobster.

Brilliant Comrade? You have got to be kidding!

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