Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Latest Executive Ass-Kissing

Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool for posting the latest chapter in the Booty Smooching Chronicles of Barack Obama.

After recently proclaiming that America is not a Christian Nation President Obama did some revision and spin during an interview and declared America could be considered one of the World's largest Muslim Nations.

It seems the head Dhimi in charge could use a lesson in the science of Demographics. Considering the U.S. currently lists about 76% of its citizens as Christians I wonder how he came to this conclusion? When compared to the 0.06% of people who identify themselves as Muslim you have to wonder about his math and the underlying reasons for the ridiculous statement that we could be considered a "large Muslim Nation". These are the words of the Chief Executive Dhimi - not Greasywrench.

I don't suppose this would be considered any sort of groveling before the Muslim Nations of the World as Obama prepares for a major junket in the Middle East - would it? Let's see how Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the head nitwit in charge of Obama's press conferences spins this one.

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