Monday, August 24, 2009

Marxine Waters Bloviates Again

One of South Central Los Angeles's favorite Socialists strikes again. Congresswoman and perennial windbag Marxine Waters called anyone who dares to disagree with her Neanderthals in regards to the Health care bill debate.

Being that Marxine is from a relatively safe district and will probably have to die or retire to lose her Congressional seat she can pretty much say what she wants and not have to worry about consequences. This doesn't say much for the average IQ level of the 35th Congressional district voters considering some of the ridiculous things Marxine has said in the past.

Lets see now....Conservatives against Obamacare have been called "Mobs, Nazis, Rednecks, Thugs, Haters, Functionally Retarded"..... the list is endless. I have a new word the cowards and arrogant politicians in D.C. can call us ---- Voters!

And in 2010 the dismissive and arrogant fools on Capital Hill will learn the true definition of the word Voter.

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