Saturday, August 8, 2009

Television Commercials I Hate

Now that Billy Mays has gone to the great Snake Oil Sales Booth in the sky (RIP Billy) I'll have to bitch about some other TV pitch. Hey - I've got one! It's the Broadview Security System commericals now dominating the airwaves hour after hour.

I'm sure you've seen the Broadview commercials by now. They always feature a poor frightened woman often accompanied by an Angelic little girl. They always seem to get surprised by a burglar just as they're coming home. Talk about bad timing. Seems to me that Broadview has a negative opinion on the lousy timing of Burglars too. Of course the lady featured in the TV pitch immediately calls Broadview Security as opposed to dialing 911 and the Police. WTF! I guess she thinks Broadview can beat the Cops to Suburbia.

Another thing I notice is the assailant is always a Caucasian. Don't we celebrate diversity (see Sonia Sotomayor) in the U.S.? Let's have some other races and ethnicity's attacking this poor frightened woman and her lovely child. I'm sure she'd be honored to be assaulted by a more eclectic mix of perps as opposed to always being picked on by White guys.

I guess there's nothing like being frightened into buying a product by American advertisers. Let's threaten a child. That ought to up the sales and present a healthy and diverse pie chart.

Okay. I'm done bitching now. I feel all better and so much safer now....thanks to Broadview.

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