Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Is Why They Shout At Town Halls

Here's an example of why Americans are sick and tired of lying politicians. Taking a favorite tactic from the far-left playbook, Nazi Pelousy dismissed the shouting and protests at the various Town-Hall meetings as the work of Nazis. She claims Swastikas were brought to the protests. I have seen dozens of clips on the various news channels and sources. I've watched YouTube videos and have seen no such thing. Provide some proof of what you just said or STFU Madame Speaker! These aren't Nazis you lying twit. These people are Americans and your dismissive attitude is an outstanding example of why they are angry.

Douchebaggery Part Deux....
More drivel from Kalifornia's other leading Nitwit - Babs Boxer. This is classic Liberal thinking. Anyone who disagrees with Obama MUST be some sort of a plant. It just couldn't be Americans who have legitimate grievances and aren't buying into more Socialism. Boxer's stupidity is breathtaking!

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