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Larry David: Ha Ha Ha - You Funny Guy!

11/09/09 - Update: I wonder if Larry David and the gutless clowns at HBO will have anything to say about the murders of our Soldiers last week at Fort Hood by an Islamic Extremist? Or as so many of the other Dhimi will they just consider this an extreme case of PTS?

Here's another great post from FrontPageMag by regular contributor and editor Jamie Glazov. I saw a report on FOX News the other night about this HBO episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and then the story more or less disappeared. Evidently HBO has no problems picking on easy targets such as Christians and Jews but they wouldn't dare to run shit like this if it were about Muslims.

For the last several years we have been subjected to stories of Muslims and their outrage over perceived insults to the Koran and Islam. For the most part the Lame Stream Media have bent over (They're gonna need more Vaseline) in a lame and cowardly attempt NOT to offend the Religion of Peace. All the while, Judaism, Christianity, and some of the other great Religions of the World have been fair game for Hollywood and the far-left. It's also known as Dhimitude my friends but by any other name it's Cowardice. The article by Glazov is below.

In a recent Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Larry David accidentally urinates on a picture of Jesus while he is a guest in someone else’s home. This, in turn, leads to a misunderstanding in which the homeowners think they have a miraculously weeping Jesus.
Some Christians are
understandably upset.

Just some thoughts on what this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has revealed:
Are producers of this show, or Larry David, or anyone else connected to it fearing for their lives right now? Are there Christian groups calling for the death of anyone in connection to this episode?

In comparison, let us say, to the Muhammad cartoons riots and death threats, what does this say about Islam and Christianity? Which faith is a
Religion of Peace and which one is not?
Would the producers of this show have just as easily allowed a scene in which Larry David urinates on a Koran? He couldn’t urinate on a picture of Muhammad because we all know that making a representation of Muhammad gets you an immediate death sentence. So we have to settle for the Holy Book. But how much does anyone want to bet that this would never be allowed?

Question: Why in our culture is urinating on Jesus easily permitted but urinating on the Koran is simply unthinkable? What does this signify? And why is it that the people who right now are rolling their eyes and saying that Christians should get a life because this is freedom of expression, the same ones who would be up in arms if Larry David had done the same thing to the Koran? They are the ones who blamed the artists of the Muhammad cartoons for provoking and upsetting Muslims. They are the ones who argue that, when it comes to the sensibilities of Muslims, free speech has limits. If Curb Your Enthusiasm had an episode in which Larry David urinated on a Koran, they would be on the front lines saying that this is Islamophobia and that we must be sensitive to the feelings of Muslims, etc. It would be deemed as hate speech. There would be lawsuits and the show would be cancelled and David’s career would be over.

HBO has come
to the defense of the episode, saying that it is all about parody. Everyone needs to lighten up. So, if Larry David urinated on the Koran, would HBO tell everyone they need to lighten up because it is parody? What does it say that we know for a fact that the latter would simply never happen?
What meaning and lesson do we draw from this

A big fat Fuck You to Larry David for being a coward and picking on an easy target. The irony is apparently lost on Larry that by being Jewish, he would be among the first to lose his head in a Muslim dominated world. Not only is he a coward, but he is a stupid coward.

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As far as I can determine, Islam is a death cult , and a vicious form of racism . I've studies it in great detail.