Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Sue or Not to Sue? – by Thomas Sowell

To Sue or Not to Sue? – by Thomas Sowell

I read David Horowitz's site, FrontPageMag, every day. This morning Thomas Sowell posted a thought provoking article about Rush Limabugh and whether he should sue over the LIES that were written and spoken about him last week. Of course the NFL ownership deal is dead in the water and many are wondering if it's even worth the trouble for Rush.

Thomas weighs in on the subject of sourcing and lies in his article. Sowell also points out some interesting facts about slander. Public figures have a larger burden of proof when it comes to lawsuits involving slander and libel. The same laws that protect the "real" media also protect the tabloids if I read this story correctly. IOW it's almost impossible to sue and win in Rush's case.

How else would the Enquirer, Globe, Star, and some of the other rags be allowed to go to print. Many, if not most of the articles in the tabloids are often (not) sourced by "pals", "insiders", "a friend", among other vague descriptions. This kind of reporting and protection is why in all likelihood, Rush will never sue. And yet Axleroid, Emmanual, and Dunn consider these fools who trashed Rush to be the "real" media while arrogantly dismissing FOX.

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Winfred Mann said...

It's about time that fraudulent charges of racism were prosecuted as "hate crimes," because they are intended to get the morons, i.e. MSNBC viewers, to hate the person they attack.

Sad commentary on the media and its lack on integrity.