Monday, November 9, 2009

Larry David & Hollywood's Dhimmitude Part Deux

To anyone who doesn't know the definition of the word Dhimmitude I can give you some examples of those who personify it. Let's start with Larry David. In a recent post I ranted about Larry's cheap shot attack on a Christian target in his "Curb Your Enthusiasm" HBO television show. The actual content of the episode doesn't really matter. What matters is Larry felt it was okay to lampoon Christianity in the name of a cheap laugh. I have no problem there. This is the USA and we have very specific freedoms thanks to the First Amendment of our great Constitution. My beef is; Larry in his wildest, most perverted dreams would NEVER have the balls to do the same to Islam in today's world. That would invite a Fatwa. So much for creative freedom.

Another great example is the upcoming Sci-Fi movie 2012. It is due to be released on Friday. In a revealing Yahoo interview, director Roland Emmerich mentioned all of the world's landmarks that he has destroyed over the years in his various movies. Movies such as Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow. The subject happened to come up of destroying the Kaaba, the cube shaped structure in the Islamic holy city of Mecca. Emmerich confessed his reasons for not destroying any Islamic landmarks was the fear of a Fatwa. I guess the Vatican and other great religious landmarks can't be destroyed fast enough for Hollywood but don't dare touch Islam, even in the context of a movie or you'll have to live the rest of your life in fear of assassination.

All of this leads me to the recent slaughter of thirteen American Soldiers at Fort Hood. May their souls rest in peace but just what did they die for if we can't even get our so-called President to call their murders what they were? These murders weren't "Anger Management" issues or "Man Caused Disasters". This was Islamic terrorism and nothing more. And yet Obama urges restraint about "not drawing any conclusions" until all the "facts are in".

It was confirmed that the shooter yelled out the Muslim battle cry "Allah Akbar" several times during his rampage. It may be legally correct to not accuse Nidal Hasan of these murders but the moral aspect of calling terrorism what it is, is the right thing to do. Now when will our President be willing to do that? Thank God GWB didn't have the same lack of intestinal fortitude.


Winfred Mann said...

The facts are in; he's just ignoring them. In addition, the facts are in regarding Afghanistan, Obama's front in the war on terror (Excuse me), the war on man-caused disasters, and he's frozen with fear about making a decision whether or not he wants to win it.

Cipriano said...

Too true. Worse, while he didn't bow to a Christian monarch, Queen Elizabeth of England, yet bowed and kissed the hand of the Saudi king. I also remember him saying something about America being a Muslim nation, it isn't. And I dislike him all the more for putting up deadlines for how long our troops will stay in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the jihadists know they just have to lie and wait thanks to that cowardly appeaser, Obama.