Saturday, December 12, 2009

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder Bombholder!

While replying in a thread on Jammie Wearing Fool's site, an epiphany came to me. Jammie posted a picture of five Muslims who were planning on making Jihad. While looking over the picture I realized what's really behind the Islamic idea of 72 virgins who are promised to Martyrs in paradise.

With very few exceptions, just about every photo of each would-be and actual Martyr features an assortment of some of the ugliest looking guys I have ever seen. I'm talking "stop a clock" ugly. I'm talking "Haunt A House" ugly. I'm talking "Dog Shit Ugly".

With faces such as these they'd scare the Hell out of me without a belt full of bombs. No one that's as ugly as these losers could ever get laid in this life. This must explain the Islamic fantasy of 72 Virgins who await them in Paradise. Good luck on that guys. These hideous looking fuckers couldn't get laid at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada! The only pipe they're ever gonna lay is in the Oil Fields of the Middle East. And I have a sneaking suspicion they know they're bow-wows.

Maybe this is the true explanation behind Islam and its obsession/hatred of Women. Something as simple as not being able to do the horizontal bop has frustrated these douchebags to no end. For years these Jihadi's have been telling us that their suicides are all in the name of Allah. In truth it's really just a simple case of blue-balls. These guys can't get laid in this life so they're hoping for a little bump and grind in the next. Islam has been demystified.


Winfred Mann said...


You must have read the section in the Qur'an about the cure for blue balls. These thugs aren't allowed to raps in Western society.

I interviewed a two-time Marine veteran from Iraq. He stated that the men over their are severely addicted to porn.

Greasywrench said...

The porn addiction doesn't surprise me Winfred. There HAS to be something behind my theory to explain the way Muslim men obsess about women. Besides being hateful, their love/hate obsession isn't sexually healthy. My guess is that the rape rate in the middle east is extremely high.

Occams razor states "the simplest explanation tends to be the truth".

Winfred Mann said...

Muslim women hesitate to report rape, because in their phony religion, the women cause the crime.