Monday, December 7, 2009

Well They Finally Did It!

Just what in the Hell is Greasywrench talking about you might ask? I'm talking about the fucking idiot Politicians in Sacramento Kalifornia. They've finally managed to kill the Goose That Laid The Golden Egg! And this ain't no Fairy Tale.

The Geese in this scenario are the Tobacco users and smokers in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. The Golden Eggs are our tax dollars. And among the collateral damage will be the ultimate victims in Kalifornia - Women who are rationed (I.E. Denied) Mammograms due to budget shortfalls - budget shortfalls directly related to tobacco tax revenues. The link below leads to a story of vanishing revenues due to people quitting smoking - hence the budget problems. Hey, they have to blame it on someone... don't they?

And after twenty plus years of taxing us into submission, the revenues are going down and the idiots in Sacramento are now surprised that people are quitting smoking because of.... Taxes! Well fucking duhh! Just what in the hell did you Wankers up there in the State Capital think was going to happen? And yet we keep returning the same Assholes to office year after year. We do get what we deserve it seems. But Women don't deserve this!

After twelve years of bloviating on my websites I predicted this tax shortfall would eventually happen. And I'm just a lowly auto-tech as opposed to being a lawyer (as are most of our politicians). So just how did a simple wrench such as I come to this conclusion - by realizing a government can't build its tax base on a house of cards and expect to continue to collect revenue. Our Country was created because of a situation such as this in 1776. And Kalifornia isn't the only State having the exact same tobacco tax problems. Maine, Arizona, and Minnesota are also beginning to go through tobacco tax withdrawals.

As Kalifornia keeps on driving out business with unfriendly taxes and environmental laws the revenues continue to fall short. So what do the genius Politicians do but come up with fresh and ultimately more ridiculous ideas to make up for the shortcomings. They're like Locusts moving from one wheat field to another. The wheat being taxpayers. Once they've exhausted one source of revenue they move on to another. New wheat fields (Soda and Candy) are on their radar. Can you say Fat Tax? God forbid the douchebags in Sacramento make an effort to cut their budgets or (perish the thought) take a pay cut.

Regardless how one feels about smokers this should be a lesson in how government operates. Twenty-five years ago they intentionally came after smokers. Now that many smokers are quitting tobacco the greedy pigs in government will coming after the next victims. It might be you. Besides, if the government really gave a shit about your health it would outlaw smoking completely instead of trying to make tobacco taxes America's Cash Cow. They're trying to have it both ways and they think we're too stupid to realize it. This is another great example of government and its contempt for the people it's supposed to serve.

Ten years ago this was only a smokers issue and I received many emails and flames from non-smokers saying "it's not my problem" when I posted my anti-tax rants. Now that it's more than just tobacco taxes, government pick-pocketing is fast becoming all of our problems. The first step here in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia is the rationing of Mammograms for Women. But... it won't stop there. This is just the beginning. This is a huge spiderweb with many links and strands.

As one of the Founding Fathers once said "Either We All Hang Together Or We All Hang Separately". Something like that anyway.

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