Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dirty Water: No - Not The L.A. Harbor

Nice old school rock video by the Standells from the mid-sixties. For some reason they were labeled an early punk/garage band. I hate labeling bands as anything other than good, bad, or ugly. Judge for yourself what they are. I always liked this song.

BTW, I've fished in the L.A. Harbor dozens of times and it's cleaner now than it was back in the sixties. Back in 1966, the water was so dirty you could walk across the one mile stretch between Terminal Island and the Ferry Building here in San Pedro. It's much better now IMHO. I still won't eat the fish though. Now that was "Dirty Water".

Now - on with the music.


Winfred Mann said...

Yes, it was--and still is--a good listen.

Adrienne said...

Greasy - "container gardening"??? That makes me laugh - but in a very good way! And I love your name!

I spent a week not far from San Pedro at a drum workshop with Carmine Appice (one of the greatest drummers, evah. A week later I attended Zildjian Days in San Pedro. I actually liked it there.

Thanks for visiting me.

Greasywrench said...

Thanks for visiting Adrienne. I remember Carmine Appice from Beck and Bogart. I've always enjoyed great drummers. They do tend to get overlooked in most bands. My favorites are Neal Peart of Rush and the great Kenny Aronoff of John Fogerty and John Mellencamp bands.

Check out some of my links. I've grown some nice little crops on my balcony. Corn, tomatoes, green beens on a homemade trellis. I'll be doing some more this year after taking a year off.