Friday, February 12, 2010

Eco-Terrorist Paul Watson - Part Deux

In an earlier post I flamed Paul Watson and the Sea Shepard group for doing more harm than doing good when it comes to stopping fake research of the Minke Whales via the hunts by the Japanese. I don't condone the killing of Whales for any reason - but Paul Watson and his merry boatload of tree huggers are a death waiting to happen.

Well it seems the Matronly looking Watson and his high seas hippie buddies are at it again (or did they really ever stop) with the Japanese Whalers. They have been throwing jars of rancid butter (again) at the Whalers in an attempt to spoil the "research" and Whale meat. They've also tried to foul the props of the Japanese boats by laying down cable in front of the boat's paths. Couple that with the very dangerous maneuver last month by the Andy Gill of cutting in front of the Bows of the Whaling ships and you have a recipe for disaster.

It's interesting that the throwing of things like pies, tomatoes, stink bombs, and tantrums seem to be a favorite tactic of far-left groups. Much like infants when they don't get their way, the people of the Sea Shepard employ the childish tactics of ten-year old children.

From what I have researched on Watson he's been repudiated by many in the Animal Rights community for his actions. I've also found an interesting link that provides some evidence that Watson, by his actions, has actually done more to harm some of the animals (fur seals) that he claims to be helping. Also he's doing more harm to the various Animal Rights groups that he is actually claiming to help. From Yahoo comes the latest incident in the Antarctic Ocean.

From Yahoo via the A.P. comes the story below..
By OWEN PYE, Associated Press Writer Owen Pye, Associated Press Writer – Fri Feb 12, 5:40 am ET
SYDNEY – "Three crew members of a Japanese whaling vessel suffered face and eye injuries from acid fired by anti-whaling protesters during their latest clash in the Antarctic Ocean, their Japanese employers said Friday.

The Sea Shepherd protesters said they shot butyric acid, produced from stinking rancid butter, which they often aim at the whalers to try to disrupt the annual Japanese hunt. The activists maintain that butyric acid is nontoxic.

The injuries Thursday were the first to Japanese whalers this year during confrontations with Sea Shepherd, although there have been two ship collisions that each side blamed on the other."

Watson, IMHO, is a very scary thing - a Leftist with a cause and enough misguided people who keep him supplied with money and publicity. Couple that with his tactics which include lying and fabricating statistics in order to justify his recklessness and lack of concern for Human life. As I said in my earlier post - he is almost certainly going to get someone killed. It's only a matter of time.

In a related story two members of Greenpeace are facing trial in Tokyo for their efforts to expose corruption in the Japanese Whaling industry.

More on Paul Watson and the Sea Shepard story below...

Here's a video of the (now resting on the bottom) Sea Shepard boat Andy Gill cutting across the bow of a Japanese Whaling ship. You judge for yourself who is at fault. What a waste of a fine (Andy Gill) vessel by these assholes.

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