Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Repeal" - Barack Obama Says "Go For It"!

If anger were Mountains I would be Everest right now. America's pathetic excuse of a president (no upper case P) just barfed up this gem of a challenge to the Republicans on CNN today. Excuse me Barack, but it's the American people who are against the Healthcare Bill that your Democrat stooges passed/forced on the American people on Sunday. Berry - due to your clueless attitude you may not realize it, but your cavalier challenge to "Go For It" is to the majority of the American people who oppose your bill - not just the Republican Party Leaders. My credit goes to for the link and some wonderful comments about this ridiculous statement from Berry Obama.

The democrats are in an advanced state of denial if they think this is just a far-right wing of the Republican party who wish want intend to repeal, and or, gut the healthcare bill. This is a grass roots movement from the ground on up. Excuse me if I borrow, paraphrase, and plagiarize a phrase from a thirty-four year old move - Network, but...
"We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore".

So once again Barack - you're a stupid clueless POS because you just challenged the American people to "go for it" and not the Republican party. Once again you've made a fool of yourself. Let's see you try and back-track or take back this drivel of a statement. Robert Gibbs in all of his lying glory won't be able to spin this one.

Maybe Berry Obama is willing to be a one-term president; but in his ideological idiocy he's going to take a more than willing democrat party down in flames with him. Well good riddance to trash. They can all kiss my ass and take an extended vacation for ignoring and defying the will of a majority of America's VOTERS. Then again the members of congress may not give a shit anyway since they'll still have a wonderful pension plan and great medical coverage should they be voted out. In November the bloodletting begins.

Now - as far as the statement "Go For It" the first thing that came to mind was the trashing that George Bush took from the Lame Stream Media when he said "Bring It On". George Bush was labeled as a dangerous clown and a warmonger (among other things that escape me) by the press and the far-left. I don't suppose the butt-licks from PMS-NBC or CNN will have any pointed comments on Obama's declaration of war on the American people by making this breathtakingly stupid statement. Once again, the media are exposed for being the far-left puppets and useful idiots they actually are.

Here's what/who you may or may not see from the FOX Channel should O'Reilly, Sean Hannity or some of the other Libertarian and Conservative pundits decide to address Obama's statement. We might get a mix of Geraldo Rivera, Alan Colmes, Great Van Susteren, among others who are NOT conservatives but are always willing to debate the latest headlines with those of an opposite viewpoint. The FOX channel has every right to claim to be "fair and balanced" as far as their reporting goes.

What you WON'T see is the frauds such as Keith Olbermann, Andrea Mitchell and Christine Matthews from CNN, PMS-NBC and other far-left channels actually going toe to toe with someone other than another far-left progressive. They don't have the stones or the intellectual guts to do that. And yet the media continues to profess to be independent. They, as Obama, continue to be seriously out of touch with the American people. It will cost them dearly.



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We also posted an Obama U-Tube on Feb 17th praising Islam and Muslim
Culture, and admitting "I Am One of Them!" See: "What did Obama Say?" It's a mind-snapper! - reb

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