Sunday, April 4, 2010

Breathtakingly Stupid Progressives

There's an old saying I can remember learning in Junior High School that went something like this - "It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt" Well in the last few weeks the democrats and some Europeans have certainly removed all doubts with some of the most ridiculously stupid actions and statements ever made. The examples are in the links below. Try not to spit up as you read this crap.

1: Nazi Pelousy - "we'll have to pass the healthcare bill to learn what's in it"

2: Hank Johnson - About Guam tipping over should we overpopulate it with American G.I.'s.

3: Joe Biden (again) - About "wealth redistribution" not being Socialism and about being "fair". Memo to Joe - competition is what made America a great country. Being fair had no part in it.

4: Steve Cohen - All that's missing are the robes and hoods.

5: Lame Stream Media - Remember when nasty rhetoric & protest used to be cool. Thanks to

6: Berry Obama - Challenges a majority of Americans to "bring it on" concerning repeal. Berry - you're challenging the American people and not the Republicans you jerk.

7: More far-left tolerance - Karl Rove and Ann Coulter forced to cancel speeches because of progressive mobs. So much for the tolerance and fairness of the far-left.

And from our friends in Europe and the U.K. more progressive lunacy....

8. Vegans Now Victims: Don't mock my lentils. Veggies are people too says the U.K.

9. Internet Access: U.K. groups argue that web access is a fundamental human right.

10. Danish Dhimmis Apologize: The Danes are licking Islam's butt again. So much for free speech in Denmark. Maybe you Danes should just stick to the wonderful pastry you do so well.

11. U.K. Trash Police On The Job: Trash can spies in Britain? Watch what you dump - You may be "reported". (And the Brits stood off Hitler in WWII?) This can't be the same people.

I could have gone on and on and on and on.... but I'm sure you get the idea. More below.

Read the articles above and you'll see this is the homogenized legacy the far-left intends to leave to the world. They want nothing unique and everyone conforming. I can understand the capitulation from Europe and the U.K. They have been told how to live and what to do in some form or another for most of their recorded history. But to see the U.S. manipulated and controlled in this way is NOT the American way. It's the fundamental reason our ancestors left the old countries. We are NOT Europe or the U.K.

For many years I made the misguided statement that democraps and Republicans were all alike except for the party logos. In the last few years I have had an epiphany about that statement. There are profound differences between the two parties and it's never been more obvious than it is today. There are clear choices and differences between the parties and the time to take a stand is now.

If you care about our Country stand up and be counted in the November elections. These dime store dictators and progressives in America can still be stopped. The Tea Party and Conservative movement is NOT about racism despite what the democraps would have you believe. It's about freedom and maintaining our unique way of life and not being a part of the European group think.


Adrienne said...

Greasy - Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family...

Greasywrench said...

God bless and the same to you Adrienne. I do believe we have turned a corner in America and to plagiarize a phrase "they have awoken a sleeping giant and filled us with a terrible resolve". Have a great Easter Sunday.