Monday, May 17, 2010

Nazis Or Homophobes? Make Up Your Mind!

Via the annals of comes this lovely little article from Joan Vennocchi, one of the lefties at the Boston Globe. Now the halfwits on the left are playing their second (or is it their third or fourth?) favorite card - the Homophobe card when it comes to Elena Kagan. As usual, it's just more projecting from the left. With progressives it's never cut and dried. According to progressives there's always an ulterior motive from the Right.

In the eyes of the far-left, no matter how much Conservatives object to the nomination of Kagan based on her tenure at Harvard or her lack of actual Judicial experience, it's really a perception of her sexuality. Excuse me but the only ones obsessing over Kagan's alleged sexual orientation are the left. I don't give a shit who she lays down with - male or female. I do however care about her politics which will enter into any judgement as a member of the SCOTUS.

Now I'm really gonna go out on a limb here and shock the few readers I have and make an announcement - I'm a Lesbian! When I say that I'm a Lesbian think of the movie Spartacus and the scene when Roman General Crassus asks the defeated slave army to roll over and give up the living or dead body of Spartacus. All the slaves stand up and proclaim "I'm Spartacus". It's one of the great scenes in movie history and is actually able to generate a man-tear out of me. No one I know who is a true Conservative would ever discriminate against Kagan on the issue of sexual preference. Ever!

Now why am I calling myself a Lesbian? It's probably because, as with Lesbians, I love women in a physical and emotional sense. I prefer a woman as a lover and I married a woman. And I don't sleep or have sex with men - only women. Since this is the case "I'm A Lesbian" and my sexual choices are my business. And whatever her sexual orientation, it's also the personal business of Elena Kagan and not any of mine.

But what IS my business is her record and political orientation. She IS is a liberal with what appears to be an overt disrespect (typical?) of our Men and Women in the Military. And I will discriminate against her on that basis. As an American I have the right.

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