Friday, June 25, 2010

"Dances With Oil Separator" Saves The Day

Could Kevin Costner and his oil separator be the answer to the problems with the BP spill in the Gulf? If so, it just illustrates what many, including me, have said for years about the alternative fuel market and congress. You can't legislate innovation and henceforth clean air into existence. Ideas and solutions come from the minds of creative and ambitious people - not from the pencil pushing douchebags in congress.

Kevin Costner of Hollywood fame is promoting an invention/device that is promising when it comes to separating oil and seawater. The device is currently undergoing what look to be successful tests and additional machines have been ordered. So far Costner has put his money where his mouth is... to the tune of fifteen million dollars. Seems like a far larger contribution than all of the phony Hollywood celebs and their bullshit PC causes have spent combined in the last twenty years or so. This will be so cool if it proves to work.

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