Friday, June 25, 2010

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb - Del Vikings

Update 2: Here's the third version of the video in as many days. Let's see how long the weenies at YouTube keep this one going.

Update: For the second time in as many days the video has been "removed" by someone. This happens over and over on YouTube. They are a bunch of liberal cowards who can't stand dissent. Let's see if I can find another version... again.

In honor of Peggy West, a County Supervisor member in Milwaukee, I'll post this old Del Viking song. As a young boy I always thought the Del Vikings were singing dumb dumb dumb dumb as opposed to Dom dom dom dom. Maybe they were. Aww shit - who cares?

And below is a YouTube video featuring this geographically challenged "Wise Latina". But her degree is in Human Services (just what the world needs - another progressive social worker) and not geography. And the ultimate irony is; she's elected to serve. That doesn't say much for her constitutes. Let's play guess the political party.

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