Sunday, June 6, 2010

L.A. Vs Boston - The Sportswriters Are At It Again!

Here we go again with the sportswriters in L.A. and Boston. Once again, they're trying to get some extra shit going between Kevin Garnett and Pau Gasol. As if this series isn't going to be physical enough, the writers are doing their damnedest to get these two players involved a brawl. I call it the Conrad Dobler syndrome.

And if the writers can't bait Garnett they'll go after Kendick Perkins. Perkins has to be the biggest asshole with the nastiest attitude in the NBA. Has anyone ever seen him with anything but that shitty ugly scowl on his face? And he bitches about every call made by the refs. He never shuts the fuck up.. never! And for a guy who speaks and sounds like he just had a shot of Novocaine in his tongue that's quite an accomplishment.

Kendick is the kind of guy who'd throw rocks at Mother Teresa and piss in the Punchbowl at his high school (he didn't go to college) reunion. I can't stand the fucker. And, from what I've read, most of his fellow NBA players feel the same way. He was voted second a couple of years ago in a poll of NBA players on who is the most self-overrated player.

For a guy who is 6'10" every time Kendick slam dunks he acts like he's the first guy to ever jam the ball. You would think he invented sliced bread or something. And of course when he dunks on a player six inches shorter he usually talks smack - he's a real classy guy. Screw you Kendick!

I do have some last words of advice for Kendick Perkins - don't fuck with Ron Artest. You may come out on the shit end of that stick. And Andrew Bynum may have knee problems this year but he's back and I doubt he'll wanna put up with any of your shit. Don't pull your schoolyard bully bullshit on these guys. This isn't 2008.

And if the writers can't get Perkins to bite there's always.... Rasheed Wallace! I bet you readers thought I'd forgot about Rasheed. He's led the NBA in Technical fouls several times over the course of his career and probably has the shortest fuse in the NBA. The thing about Rasheed is - he is still a very good player. Not quite great anymore but still very very good. He worries me more than KG.

No matter what kind of crap the sportswriters try and instigate, this series doesn't need any additional shit-stirring. There is enough animosity between these two teams without the columnists adding anything to the mix. Dear Sportswriters: shut the fuck up and do your jobs! The Lakers and Celtics will supply the all of the necessary drama.

The Dobler Syndrome Below....

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