Monday, February 21, 2011

Message To Orca Oprah

A week or so ago Oprah Winfrey made some remarks about automatically respecting president Obama. Something along those lines. She claimed president Omama deserved "respect" just because he's president. I agree that the office of President does deserve respect. But not necessarily the person holding the office. Respect is something earned. It isn't just given away like a welfare check.

To cut to the point; I was browsing one of my favorite conservative websites the other day and one link led to another and I ended up on the site with the picture below. My point about respect is in the photo. Click to enlarge the picture.

My thesis is; why in the Hell does this president (Obama) automatically deserve our respect when he can't even do something as simple as salute the American Flag which is in itself, a simple form of respect from the Commander In Chief? You decide.

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