Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Big Fat Shit Salad For Omama & The Demorats

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Since Berry and Michelle want us to eat healthy they can start with this lovely salad. Arugula included...

Due to the crap Omama and the demorats are pulling with the Advantage Medicare funds in a desperate and sleazy attempt to maintain the votes of Seniors we're offering them this appetizing and delicious Shit Salad.

Omama and the demorats aren't fooling anyone, especially our Seniors with this brazen attempt to con elderly voters. Seniors are among the most informed and consistent voting demographic. Older voters are not stupid and they'll see right through the shit Omama is pulling with their Advantage program.

By transferring eight billion dollars back into Medicare before the November elections Omama is hoping the Seniors won't catch on that the new healthcare program has actually cut into their benefits, especially after being promised the exact opposite with the passage of Obamacare. And how the fuck are the dems doing this? By a surreptitious transfer of funds for a phony "experimental" study on Medicare. Of course once the election is over the con job will be up and the cuts will be allowed to continue. The great Conservative website American Thinker has a more detailed explanation of this scam.

This smells like shit and desperation! So because of their bait-and-switch we offer this lovely Shit Salad to Omama and the demorats. I apologize for leaving out the Peanuts and Corn in this tasty little dish. In honor of this sneaky maneuver we suggest "Hidden Valley" dressing. So grab a fork and dig in demorats - you earned it.

All image editing by Greasywrench / AKA Rich B. If you steal my images please give me a credit - thanks.

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