Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon... or... Are Puns Funny?

Walk the dog - not Wok the dog
April 22, 2012...
11:45 A.M...
Greasywrench news service...

President Barack Obama and football star Michael Vick were reportedly going for lunch today. Word has it that they will spend the afternoon chowing down at a Pup N Taco eatery. Obama reportedly said "I'm ready to wolf down anything they put in front of me". When asked whether he preferred Pups or Tacos Obama barked back in a jocular moment  "don't bug me - let me eat my woofles, er I meant waffles" Michael Vick then shockingly replied "You can't beat that" upon hearing Obama's quip. When reporters persisted in scrutinizing their lunch contents Obama growlingly replied "stop hounding us".

On the day's menu for Obama were Hot Dogs, Snake Fries, and Grasshopper Nuggets. Vick, when asked if they could eat all of the sumptuous amount of food they had ordered barked back to the reporters "whatever we can't finish we'll just take home in a doggy bag".

Back at the White House Michelle Obama was also quoted as saying "Barack prefers the other white meat" when asked what the President liked to eat. When asked to elaborate she coyly said "don't dog me with silly questions".

Next week Obama is said to be planning a luncheon in Chihauhau Mexico.

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