Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Berry Sotero Walks On Water! It's A Miracle!

Does anyone remember the 2008 Presidential campaign when candidate Omama made the ridiculous statement where he promised to "heal the planet and halt the rise of the Oceans"? It went something like this. Well Moochelle Omama is now claiming that president Berry Sotero has "led us out of the darkness and into the light". No really - she did! This ridiculous statement comes to us via HotAir.com.

I don't know about the average voter, but as for me, I am just a little bit leery of anyone, especially a politician, who uses Biblical analogies and brays like a Donkey about their (non) accomplishments. Then again maybe the progressives are buying this load of horse-shit.

I've read much speculation of Omama and his apparent narcissistic personality along with what appear to be delusions of grandeur. I think we would probably have to go back to the Nixon administration to find a President who presented such a psychologically target rich environment for the shrinks. Perhaps a more telling analysis of Omama comes from the excellent website American Thinker. It offers quite an explanation on Omama and what appears to be the underlying envy and animosity he apparently holds for the wealthy. I sincerely believe there is something mentally wrong with this man. Or maybe it's just a profound example that liberalism really IS a mental disease.

I don't know who the real Omama really is and that is largely due to his own intentional obfuscations of his past. But I sure as Hell do know what he is not - and that is some later day version of Jesus Christ, Moses, or any other historical religious figure. So president Berry Sotero - please tell your wife to stop with the bullshit about your divinity and stop placing placing yourself into some divine context.

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