Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bias? What Bias?

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Here's a screen capture of the Yahoo spash page as of 12:25 this afternoon. I posted it because I regularly subject myself to the shit Yahoo posts masquerading as news on a daily basis. Yahoo often uses Reuters and AP for their news sources so the left-wing drivel isn't surprising. I lined through (in red) the articles that I read, and as usual they slant progressive. I only remain on Yahoo because my email account is joined at the hip with the Yahoo directory. It would take months to change all my links and address book so I'm stuck.

Another curious thing is; I often post on the message boards at Yahoo and I am consistently censored. Not because of foul language or racism. I strongly suspect it's because of my never-ending criticism of Yahoo and their agenda driven op-eds disguised as news.

I abandoned as a homepage ten years ago due to an email account that was swimming in spam and non-responsive tech and help support. I guess it's time to get ambitious and do the same with these jerks at Yahoo. I really wouldn't mind Yahoo and it's pro-Omama bias except for the fact that they rarely present anything critical of him to maintain credibility and balance.

I could and would post these screen captures every day to prove my point, but it's like pissing into the wind - and just as messy and frustrating.

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