Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parody And Vetting - In The Name Of "Fairness"

Fairness is a word Omama and the democrats use so often it has now begun to lose its meaning. Here on the World Of Greasywrench we've decided to do an expose of Omama's early days in Hawaii and Indonesia just as the Washington Post did with a five-hundred page investigation into the past of Mitt Romney. This saga will be printed in chapters. I begin at the beginning...

Barack Hussein Omama - Born, 1961 in a log cabin in Hawaii to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Omama Sr, a Kenyan part-time scholarship student and full-time philanderer. At one time Barack Sr simultaneously had three wives (no divorces). Barack Sr was known for especially loving the women of Hawaii for their large breastesess. This caused a rift with Omama's mother Stanley (32 A-Cup) and soon after his birth, Omama's parents were divorced and his mother Stanley moved the family to Indonesia to take advantage of the local cuisine. Little else is known about Omama's early days in Hawaii as a dog reportedly ate Omama's "Certificate Of Live Birth" making further verification impossible. Young Barack vowed to someday "extract revenge" on all dogs for the incident.  

Note: No further records exist and the "missing" certificate of live birth along with other Omama documents are still being debated.
Dog Days Of Indonesia - After moving to Indonesia the young Omama was adpopted by Lolo Soetero and changed his last name. As a young boy, the now Berry Soetero was known for having some light fun at the expense of the street dogs of Indonesia. He could often be seen chasing the wandering canines down the roads, knife and fork in hand, in an amusing attempt to frighten the unfortunate things. When Berry was feeling especially naughty he would mockingly wave hot dog buns along with salt and pepper shakers at the local Dachshunds. He was also often seen chasing Grasshoppers and Rattlesnakes with a Ginsu knife and a bottle of Soy Sauce. But Berry Soetero soon grew out of these fun distractions and moved on to other things.

Note: Some have speculated, due to Berry's strange eating habits, that his biological Father was actually Idi Amin of Uganda. When Omama's Kenyan relatives were confronted with the ugly rumor they angrily replied - "No way Dada" and "Ugandans are so fucking stupid! Yuck"
Back In Hawaii - After leaving Indonesia due to food fido shortages we now find Berry Omama back on the streets of Honolulu. By now Berry is living with a couple of "typical" old white peoples. It was at this time that Berry began his descent into Reefer Madness... Cocaine Madness...Pimp Daddy Madness...

To Be Continued....

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