Sunday, May 20, 2012

RIP Robin Gibb

I just read that Robin Gibb is dead. This is another sad reminder that so much of what I enjoyed growing up and as a young man is now fading fast. Anyone who hangs the "Disco Singers" title on the Bee Gees doesn't know shit about Pop music. These guys were out making great music nearly fifteen years before they ever cut the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack (which was a great album) or any other disco type music. Sad day for Pop Music. Now there's only one brother left. And yeah - I considered Andy Gibb a Bee Gee too, so there were four Brothers Gibb all those years ago.

In Memory of Robin Gibb - Nights On Broadway


Robert Hewes said...

Sorry to hijack the thread, but have you been travelling in Florida lately? I could have sworn I saw your twin outside of a Publix yesterday!

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

No Robert, I'm still on the Left Coast. Must have been my cosmic double.