Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey Progressives - The Truth Will Set You Free...

but only if you are open minded enough to accept and understand it. Below is a graph that was featured on a post today from American Thinker. Even a slow-moving low-torque old Auto tech such as I can read and understand this simple chart.

The next time you hear Omama braying like a Donkey about the job creation the Stimulus Bill passed by the democraps has provided, refer to this graph. Show it to your liberal friends (assuming you have any) and confront them with the truth. Then watch their heads explode in a lame attempt to explain away or rationalize the facts staring them in the face.
Then Lather, rinse, repeat...

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Hardnox said...

Great graph. I couldn't help but notice that the shaded area indicating a recession is for '07 thru '09. Someone needs to tell them that the recession is still ongoing.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I noticed that too. I guess they figured three or four quarters of positive GDP (or however it's measured) ended it.

Until we get a pro-business administration in office that graph isn't gonna change too much. And I'm not just talking about Omama. The people in the EPA and the NLRB are crippling business in this country.

Hardnox said...

Oh yeah! The regulation incrementalism is killing job growth/expansion.

Case in point: Steel - it's cheaper to shut down a plant here and build one outside than to deal with the environmental bullshit that is a never ending strangling regulation machine run by bureaucrats whose sole mission is justify their employment only if they author and implement more and more regulations. It's a circle jerk.

The irony is if they succeeded in their task they would be unemployed but they do not realize that killing industry will accomplish the same task eventually.