Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alfonzo Rachel Busts A Few Stereotypes

Not all Blacks are democrats. There are quite a few Blacks in the Conservative movement - just don't expect the lame stream media to publicize any of their stories unless they say or do something outrageous. 

We're fed a steady diet of the bullshit spewed by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Charles Barron, among other race hustlers. And yet we see or hear very little positive from the media about Larry Elder, Allen West, Thomas Sowell or other Black Conservatives. Unless it involves some kind of controversy Black Conservatives are largely ignored. Just another profound example of lame stream media puke.

I post videos from Alfonzo Rachel of PJTV from time to time. Most are funny besides being enlightening. Here's something new from Alfonzo. He also makes a great point why Omama will get the Black vote despite being an epic failure as president. It's great food for thought.

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