Monday, June 18, 2012

And Omama Want's To Negotiate With This Trash?

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Today on Yahoo I read this story and it once again reminds me of why we should NEVER drop our guard and treat these assholes as human beings. I'm talking about the Taliban. Now the Taliban is threatening to stop vaccinating children for Polio unless we stop the Drone attacks. 

But wait, Berry Omama has negotiated with the "moderate" Taliban. Here's a simple Google search on the subject of Omama negotiating with the pigs of the Taliban. Reason number ten-thousand to take out the White House trash in November.

Only in the world of Berry Omama would the two words "moderate Taliban" ever be used in the same sentence. It's called an oxymoron. And Omama is just a plain MORON to even consider dealing with this trash. Only in the dishonorable and cowardly world of Islamofascism would punishing and using children be considered a negotiating tactic. Then again the Taliban have used children as human shields before so this should come as no surprise. I'm sure Muhammad would approve. He just loved children.

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