Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dumb-Ass Pontificates Again...

Alfred E. Biden
Of course I'm talking about Joe Biden. Click here to see some of Joe's latest asshattery in front of a crowd of graduating High School Seniors in Florida.

Joe Biden actually claimed (in so many words) a second term for Omama could bring about a cure for cancer, re-generating new body parts, and the growing of crops without soil or water, among other things. All with the help of our big brother government (can you say Julia).

If it weren't for gaffes and other absurd statements Joe Biden wouldn't have much to say at all. And I guess the ultimate irony is lost on Joe that there's a very good chance he'll be dumped by Omama as a running mate in November. Cure that one Joe.

What's really insulting (and scary) to me as an American is the fact that Omama picked this man for Vice President. If you consider all the ill will towards Omama, what if the unthinkable did actually happen and we ended up with Joe Biden as president? We're already the laughing stock for much of the world. Biden would complete the joke.


kerrcarto said...

Joe Biden is a colossal moron. My favorite is when he said FDR got on TV and eased people's fears at the beginning of the great depression.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

My bet is Joe will be gone as VP candidate in November. Even an asshole like Omama won't tempt fate twice. Not that it matters since both of these fools will be looking for a job in 2013. Fuck em.

I gotta admit that with Biden and Omama gone I'm gonna have to go back to sports for subject matter on this blog.