Saturday, June 23, 2012

Elizabeth Warren - Poser And Coward

Here I go again. I blogged about this several weeks ago but the story just won't die. I have a special contempt in my heart for Elizabeth Warren. And it's not only because of her politics. It's her cowardice and the fake Indian pose she has struck.

Elizabeth Warren is now ducking the four Cherokee women her campaign promised to speak with several days ago. Not only is she a liar - she's a cowardly liar. And what's the (fake) reason for ducking these women? They're former Scott Brown donors.

Several years ago I did Paternal genealogical research for the fun of it. My Father was from Checotah Oklahoma. Before he passed away my Father provided me with his Father's (my Grandfather) BIA number. I then wrote to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, paid a small fee, and received Paternal information dating back to pre-Civil War times. Authentic genealogical research is not That hard. I have traced my paternal Indian relatives back the days when they didn't have Christian names. And unlike Elizabeth Warren, my Grandfather and his family were on the Dawes roll.

Why my rant: I get very very pissed about Elizabeth Warren because I have NEVER checked any type of group, racial, or "victim status" check box on a job application or government document to give myself an unearned advantage as she did. And although I am proudly Irish, German, and Cherokee, I will always refer to myself as an American!

Elizabeth - you can kiss my Mick, Kraut, Redskin, AMERICAN Ass!

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