Monday, June 11, 2012

Just Who In The Hell Is REALLY Offended?

Liberal Douche
From the pages of Angry White Dude comes another progressive outrage. The banning of a patriotic song by liberal Principal Greta Hawkings because it may "offend a foreigner". The song is Lee Greenwood's famous anthem to America "God Bless The USA" and Angry White Dude poses the question: "why do liberals apologize for being patriotic".

Now, being this is the USA you have every right to love or not love America. But if you're gonna ban a song based on your phony criteria, you may also have to ban "The Autobiography of Malcom X". Or perhaps you might wanna consider banning Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals". How about Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" while you're at it. In other words - just where in the hell does it end once you start banning thoughts and expressions? 

Good Bless The USA is NOT a religious (despite the title) song so it shouldn't offend any atheists. It's not-pro war so it shouldn't offend pacifists. It's not pro-politics so it shouldn't offend anyone of any political persuasion. It's a simple expression of patriotism and pride in our Country. Logic follows logic and that tells me the only ones offended would be those who don't love America. And despite having the Contitutional right to hate our country Ms. Mess Hawkins, you seem to being doing quite well here. Hiding behind "offending foreigners" is a lame and dishonest excuse.

I have a question for Ms. Mess Hawkins. Just who in the fuck do you think would be outraged if you take into context the lyrics in the Lee Greenwood song? I'll tell you who - someone who doesn't like/love America and not the limp-dick reason you stated. At least that's the only answer I can come up with. Either that or you are just personally ashamed of patriotism which is the REAL reason here. At least be honest. No one above room temperature (progressives excluded) is buying your sorry fucking excuse!

Addendum: I'll tell you what really offended me three years ago. The dumb-ass "mmm mmm mmm - Barack Hussein Obama" song. I wonder if Ms Mess Hawkins played that one in class? I don't seem to remember that little ditty being banned.


CharlieDelta said...

You know what REALLY pisses ME off? Always having to hear about some ass-douche whining about being "offended" by something. Especially when it's something patriotic, but just in general. Every fucking day there's some gutless turd crying about being offended by ________________.

You know what asshole? There's nothing in the Constitution about being offended. It's years of liberal social policy and cry-baby dickhead democrats that have pussified this country into a bunch of little pussy metrosexuals that think anyone gives two shits about their being offended. Well, what's fucked up is that so many are, and bow down to appease the ones "offended."

I go out of my way to offend people these days. The shirts I buy with "offensive" text on them, bumper stickers, the way I talk, you name it. Why? Because nowdays the only thing that is offensive to these assholes is the truth, and I'll be damned if I'm going to ignore the truth so some pussy liberal doesn't have to feel "offended" about something.

ARGHHHHH! I need to construct a basement 100m range under my house so I can decompress at times like these. I guess I'll just pour myself an XTRA LARGE Crown/rocks instead...


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Crown on the rocks? I'll drink to that. Either that or Glenlivet.
Take it easy guy.