Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Have Been Fooled Again!

Maybe I should say the democraps have been fooled. Most on the right and those who chose to actually do a little research about the REAL Berry Soetero Hussein Omama (or whatever he calls himself) knew four years ago he was an empty suit and a poser. Now we're sure. But most, if not all democraps are still buying the "hope n change" bullshit.

After nearly four years of lies, obfuscation, rule by executive order and the appointment of numerous "Czars" in order to by-pass congressional confirmation the dems are still supporting this pretender known as Omama. Constitutional Instructor my Ass!

As I type this post I'm watching The Five on FOX News and Bob Beckel is making a total fucking ass out of himself defending the indefensible. IOW Beckel is standing pat on Omama and making a huge effort to justify and rationalize the "Fast And Furious" scandal and the cowardice of Eric Holder and his boss Omama.

In a reply to my previous post I wrote this about Holder: "I wonder if maybe Holder has something really juicy and incriminating on Barack in the "Fast And Furious" documents. If you consider Omama's past actions he's usually thrown those who were no longer an asset to him under the bus." You have to wonder what hole card Eric Holder is really holding on Omama. It gives the name Holder a new meaning.

Final Thoughts: Bob Beckel, you, along with the democraps of America have been fooled and you're to ideologically rigid and stupid to admit it. In honor of the fifty-two percent who put this fraud Omama in office I dedicate to them a great old song by the Who. Maybe you assholes can learn something from the lyrics.

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