Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's The Stupidest Person In Congress?

I usually put Marxine Waters and Nancy Pelousy at the top of that "very special" list. But - after reading a post on this morning I may actually start to re-think my opinion. The reason for the change is Sheila Jackson Lee. I realize Sheila has said ridiculous things in the past. She's also a racist and breathtakingly stupid. But since I live here on the left coast and in the People's Republik Of Kalifornia the two douchehags mentioned in my first sentence have a more immediate impact on my life and thoughts.

I think we can all remember as children when we were caught with our hands-in-the-cookie-jar type of predicament and trying to skate by saying something like a "jimmy did it too" or "bobby started it" statement. It's a child's logic and a child's comeback. Today Sheila made one of the absurd and childish "Bush did it too" comments we constantly hear from democraps when it comes to justifying Eric Holder and Omama's fuck-ups. Besides being completely wrong and stupid all in the same breath Lee is a LIAR! The reasons are explained here.

In the process of trying to sound deep and profound Lee makes the same mistake all dumb-shits make - she comes off looking even more ignorant and stupid. Think Mike Tyson. Dirty Harry Callahan said it best: "a man's got to know his limitations". Evidently Sheila doesn't know hers. The proof is below.


Hardnox said...

As usual Lee doesn't know what she's talking about and suffers from diarrhea of the mouth typical of most libs. Never mind the facts.

You forgot about that douche Henry "Nostrils" Waxman, also from your state. Sadly those assholes affect all of us.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Waxman - Kalifornia's version of Mike Bloomberg. I despise the fool.

Aggie95 said...

ah lad you would be wrong about the stupidest person but relax ya still have the party right ...its a tough chice as it is a target rich envioroment but I think we have a winner with this one

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Aggie95 - I forgot about Hank. I remember he tried to whistle back the comment a few days later saying he was kidding. He's at the top of a very large list of liberal dummies.