Sunday, July 1, 2012

Any Computer Nerds Out There Reading This? Help!

Yesterday I did a download and install of Corel Video Studio trial to see if I could clean up some of my old Rock videos. It was a huge 1.2 gigabyte download and took quite a while. Although my P.C. met the minimum requirements to run this monster program I found it to be very slow and what is often referred to as "bloatware". IOW the program was too big for its britches. After about an hour of editing videos and seeing my machine struggle to run this program I decided to uninstall the damn thing.

Here's where the fun began. During the uninstall my computer just hung up and stalled. After letting the program uninstaller try to run and while sitting on my ass to watch the Olympic Trials on TV it locked at eighty percent. I did what most anyone would do - I did a "control-alt-delete" to try and restart my computer. When that didn't work I just hit the re-set button and thought I would be in business. Upon rebooting I went back into my second hard drive to find another video editing program and low and behold my "D" drive was "corrupt". I decided to do a scan of the drive and I get a Windows message that my "master file table is corrupt". IOW I can no longer access my second hard drive. Five-hundred gigabytes of data seem to have disappeared into cyber space. All because of a corrupt uninstall of a fucked up program.

Now I'm facing a wipe and re-format of the "D" drive. That is assuming it isn't actually physically damaged (I don't think so) from the uninstall of the program. And every fucking thing I have done to recover the master file table has been to no avail. Bare in mind I an NOT a novice when it comes to computers. I have an A.S. in computer information systems and build the damn things just for fun. But this problem is stopping me cold! Do any of the few posters I get here have any ideas? Before I attack this problem with a sledge-hammer can anyone out there come up with a more subtle solution?

The only good thing about this: the data isn't lost. I burn and backup everything to DVD. My problem is having to sit here and add everything back. That will take at least twelve hours of nothing but feeding DVD's and CD's into the drive and copying it back. I am NOT looking forward to that. HELP!!!!

Addendum: I've already been on the internet and tried every damn solution I could find to no avail.


Adrienne said...

Not much help from me - I'm a dumb bell when it comes to the workings of a computer.

If my computer so much as hiccups, I call my guru.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Thanks Adrienne. After about eighteen straight hours of torment I'm finally back in business. It's five-fifty Monday morning as I type.

I lost about three-hundred GIGS of data that I'll have to restore via DVD-ROM disc but that's the way it goes. It seems like something like this happens to me every three or so years. I back everything up but that's also the reason for my second hard drive... which happened to be the one that gave me the migraine today/yesterday. Thanks for the post anyway.