Friday, July 20, 2012

A New York Minute...

That's about how long it took ABC "newsman" Brian Ross to "try" and tie the horrible Colorado shooting to a Tea Party member. I was sitting up early this morning working on my website when the story broke. The first, and I mean the VERY first thought that came to mind was "how long will it take for the assholes in the media to blame someone on the right". Well, it took a New York minute. That's how long.

I don't usually pay any attention to first reports because they are almost ALWAYS wrong. Especially in a story such as this with people in hysterics and reporters pissing all over themselves to get in the first reports - no matter how inaccurate they are. So even though ABC retracted and apologized for the Ross story here's a big fat FUCK YOU to the media for once again exposing their agenda. Bias? What bias?

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Hardnox said...

Your comments reflect EXACTLY my thought process was this morning.

The alphabets have once again proven their irrelevance to actual news reporting but they remain the kings of propaganda.