Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Very Clear Difference

Congratulations to Paul Ryan as a nominee and to Mitt Romney for making an excellent choice. I consider myself an expert on many things, among them auto repairs, computers, sports, and general knowledge. But when it comes to economics I struggle. Among the grades I earned in College, Accounting was one of the few courses that earned me a C. Money and numbers are not my strength. I can balance a checkbook and that's about it. But when listening to Paul Ryan I can and do understand his talking points. He seems an obvious choice to enrich a ticket that's running during a time of economic crisis. And seeing him rip Omama's healthcare plan to shreds in an articulate, quiet, and respectful way in today's video brings a smile to my face.

Why Ryan: There's a glaring difference between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. It's called intelligence. When Omama picked Biden as his VP he played a nasty little joke on the people of America. Then again the last four years have been a nasty joke, and not a funny one either. Now if you consider the times we live in and the craziness of some Americans the unthinkable becomes quite possible. And considering we have a man as VP right now with the IQ level of a grapefruit, the thought of Biden succeeding Omama in the event of an emergency is frightening! I don't feel that way about Ryan.

Having lived through the Kennedy assassination as a young boy I can remember the fear and apprehension we experienced in America. Even though I was only ten I can tell you those were some very shaky days. And history has proven those fears right. LBJ was a disaster for America in so many ways. Vietnam and the Great Society are the two main things that come to mind. It boggles my mind to think of what would happen if a man such as Joe Biden were to become president. It's just one more great reason to celebrate the Ryan choice for VP. I look forward to November.

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