Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anticipated Omama Voting Demographics

I've just finished working up a spreadsheet on the anticipated voting demographics on the November election and I've posted a pie chart below. It looks like my figures don't add up though. WTF happened? I took college level courses in MS Office that included Access Database and Excell Spreadsheets so what's going on here? It looks like Omama is getting more votes than there are voters. This can't be right - can it? I guess I'll have to re-crunch my numbers. Either I fucked up or the democrats are gonna CHEAT! Any bets on which one is right?

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CharlieDelta said...

That's the only way the fuckin' libtards can "win" elections. If it's not dead people voting for them it's the wetbacks. If that's not enough they just start making up names and overwhelm the registrar of voters with countless fraudulent ballots.

Can anyone tell me why else would Spain be counting our ballots this election? How this is allowed to happen is beyond me. It's the definition of bullshit; and it's tyranny in my book. Corruption at every level and it only gets worse; never better.

Why is this not at the forefront of every conversation regarding this and every election? How can anyone take the privilege of voting serious anymore? It's a fuckin' joke, but not the ha ha kind. Why aren't THE PEOPLE up in arms demanding an honest election? Why are they just standing there taking this with a grain of salt? It's a slap in the face of everyone who has served this country. It's like pissing on the grave of everyone that has paid the ultimate price to defend this country and our Constitution.

ANSWER: Why? Because they're too fucking busy with meaningless bullshit like Dancin' With The 'Tards, or a hypocritical boycott of a fast food place by a bunch of homo's and libturds. Too fucking busy to think about anything but themselves to give a shit about the future of this Republic. It's sickening!

The apathy of selfish, spoiled, and lazy fucking people is mind boggling to me. It's insane. We don't deserve to keep such a good and natural way of living life. We don't deserve our liberty and freedoms. People are assholes!

I'm done going off. Fuck. One last thing...

...keep yer powder dry...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

I gotta tell you CharlieDelta, Omama didn't fool anyone but fools. Anytime I see and hear ANY politician get up and promise to "heal the seas" and lead us out of the dark and into the light" my bullshit meter pegs and a big fucking warning light goes off.

And I also remember one of the first things Omama and his people tried to do was fuck with the Census by having the White House be in charge of the counting. A huge fucking red flag went up right then and there.

These crooked bastards hit the ground running and haven't slowed down a step. I have no doubts whatsoever they will cheat. The scary thing is they're not even trying to hide it.

The pie chart I made may have been one of my silly-ass jokes but the shit the Omama people are gonna try and pull isn't.