Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Great Rock Drummers

There's nothing like a great Rock drummer. In my opinion two of the best are Keith Moon and Kenny Aronoff. Old fuckers like me know who Keith Moon is. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the Who in 1976 at Anaheim Stadium during the "Who By Numbers" tour. They were awesome. Now... as good as they were that night the band that opened for them was spectacular. I'm talking about a band called Little Feat. They were in their prime with the late great Lowell George as a driving force and leader. But back to the Who. Listen to Keith's drumming on this song. It's one of the single greatest pieces of work he ever did. And ignore the dumbass graphics. Just listen to Keith kick some serious ass.

 Great Rock drummers Part Deux
One of my other favorites is someone you've probably never even heard of - Kenny Aronoff. He used to drum for Mellencamp and John Fogerty. Now days he's pretty much a solo session player but he can still beat the shit out of a set of drums. Listen to Kenny here.

BTW, apologies to all Neil Peart fans. Neil is awesome but this shit is entirely subjective.


Adrienne said...

Carmine Appice and Larrie London (RIP)are without a doubt two of the best ever drummers in the world.

Adrienne said...

Here's his wiki page:


Adrienne said...

...and a creaky vid of him.


Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Adrienne, I've been hearing about Carmine for years. I can remember his name in a couple of late sixties early seventies bands but I'm not real familiar with his work. He shows up on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" (or maybe it's Vinny) from time to time. I'll check out the video.

I love great drumming and drummers. With very few exceptions it's always guitarists who get all the glory in most bands but the drummers do much of the heavy lifting.

I will have to Google who it was but if you listen to the early Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the drummer(s) who played on their cuts was spectacular.

Drummers - a very under-rated musical position in my opinion.

CharlieDelta said...

I guess it all comes down to what a person likes as far as what 'type' of music they listen to. I am a metal head and have been most of my life, but I would have to say John Bonham could not be matched in his day. More recent drummers that I really like and pretty much carry the rest of the band is Danny Carey from Tool and Dave Grohl of the lame Nirvana back in the day, and now the guitarist/lead vocals for The Foo Fighters today. I've seen some old footage of Grohl and still wonder what the hell he was doing drumming for Nirvana when he should've been out there with much more talented of a band. I still scratch my head as to why he picked up the guitar.

It's next to impossible for me to say who I think is the all-time best because there are so many with so many different styles. And as you said, this is totally subjective...

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Well I guess it all boils down to when you're born in many cases. If I had been born in 1943 instead of 1953 I might have been posting the names Gene Krupa or Buddy Rich.

CharlieDelta - the thing I always think of when it comes to Metal is guitarists. Drummers get lost in the mix most of the time. I like a lot of old school Metal music but I'm pretty much clueless about anything after the nineties.