Friday, August 3, 2012

Harry Reid Wins "Double-Douchebag" Prize!

I've been consumed by politics the last few months and in the process totally ignored the July Douchebag Awards. What better way to make up for the lost month than to do a "Double-Douchebag" ceremony. The Double Douchebag award, often referred to as the "Stereo" version is shown here being presented to Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in a simple D.C. ceremony.

In honor of practicing tabloid politics and dishonoring the (once) esteemed position of Senate Majority Leader I think it's a no-brainer to present the prize to Reid.

In my memory I can't recall any member of the Senate engaging in anything as sleazy (well there was that Kennedy thing in 1969) as the reckless and possible slanderous accusations coming from Reid about Mitt Romney's tax returns. By claiming Romney has paid no taxes for the last ten years and then being a chicken-shit and not revealing his source, Reid is no better than the average reporter for the National Inquirer. In fact the Inquirer has just a bit more credibility than Reid if you consider they are the ones that broke the John Edwards/Reille Hunter baby-daddy story a few years back.

So here's your prize senator Reid. You earned it... you deserve it.

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