Monday, August 20, 2012

What Dems Will Do Just For The Sake Of A Vote

I just finished reading an article on American Thinker entitled "Confessions Of An Ex-Liberal" and it got me thinking. I've posted here before that at one time I was a democrap and progressive. I began voting a straight party ticket when I turned eighteen in 1971 and I confess to having voted for McGovern in 1972. I stuck with the democrats almost exclusively, right up to the Clinton's first term in power. And I did vote for Slick Willie in 1992 to my regret. And then a curious thing happened, I began to do a little critical thinking.

Two things really pissed me off about the Clintons. First, the shitty way they (Hillary specifically) treated the folks of the White House Travel Office when they first came to D.C. Now the Travel Office is about as non-partisan as it gets in politics. Hillary Clinton, in the process of attempting to get her own cronies and hacks from Arkansas installed in the Travel Office made up a huge pack of lies and virtually ruined the lives of several people. The Travelgate controversy as it later became known, is said to have contributed to the depression of Vince Foster and his subsequent "suicide". All in the name of politics.

Now I suppose I could have overlooked the entire Travelgate incident and let it slide. I could have just blamed it on the Clintons personally and not indicted an entire political party because of the actions of a douchebag named Hillary. But bare in mind that it had only been a couple of years since the democrats had trashed Robert Bork in a failed SCOTUS nomination and totally dragged Clarence Thomas through the shit in a series of unsubstantiated accusations from Anita Hill. All for the sake of liberalism.

By 1996 I'm starting to have serious doubts about democrats in general and the Clintons specifically. So although I still considered myself a democrat I voted for Robert Dole. Dole was a good man and served his country with honor in WWII. He still has a dead right arm to this day because of injuries he sustained in Italy. The problem with Bob Dole is he got his shot at the Presidency about twenty-five years too late. He stood no chance against Clinton and my vote was a waste when you consider that I live in the bluest State in the USA - Kalifornia. But I broke away from my own traditions and voted for a Republican. I'm still a democrat in my mind in 1996 but my epiphany continued.

Now, along comes 1998 and the Impeachment of Clinton. Now I personally don't give a rat's ass about Slick Willie and his lack of morals... okay, I do, but I did not feel it was an impeachable offense. But that's not why Clinton was Impeached. He was impeached for lying to Congress and Obstruction. And what finally convinced me once and for all of the lack of morals and integrity of democrats is the fact that during the Senate trial several Republicans broke ranks and supported Clinton. NOT ONE democrat reciprocated and voted FOR convicting Clinton. Although Clinton was as guilty as sin of the offenses he was being tried for, the dems stood their ground and supported his sleazy fucking ass. My conversion to the Republicans and conservatism was, if not complete, at least well on its way.

And as we see the financial cliff Omama and the democrats are driving us towards, they continue with their usual partisan bullshit and lies about Medicare, Obamacare, along with many other government handouts that are almost guaranteed to bankrupt and destroy our country in the next generation. Our current rate of spending is unsustainable AND THEY KNOW IT! But once again principles and the truth get left behind in the name of a vote.

So here it is 2012 and the dems are once again supporting two men for our highest office who are sadly lacking in character AND qualifications. One is so damn stupid he has to be controlled like a puppet and henceforth be given a script to read from. And the other is a proven liar, self-admitted felon, and quite possibly not even Constitutionally eligible to even be our President. But in the name of votes the dems will support these two assholes.

We have a clear choice in November between a ticket featuring an idiot and a liar as opposed to two decent honest men who care about America. The differences between the two political parties have never been more defined. The really scary thing is; the givers are now outnumbered by the takers in America. If the liars and idiots in the White House can gin up their constitutes and turn them out as they did in 2008 we will lose.

And once again, with a Biden and Omama ticket, the democrats are proving they don't give a fuck about America. It's always about votes and power with them.

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