Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kira Davis Pens An Open Letter To Toure Tourettes!

No disrespect to those who suffer from Tourettes Syndrome. But I felt compelled to post this. Toure, the douchebag who occasionally blathers on the PMS-NBC so-called network put his big foot in his mouth again. He played the Omama campaign's favorite tactic and talking point, AKA the "race card" on Mitt Romney the other day. Toure draws the word "racism" like a gun. He's done it before and he'll probably do it again. It's a HAS to be a prerequisite for employment at PMS-NBC. Just a guess. But this time Kira Davis has bitched slapped his ass with a classy yet scathing critique.

And all of this bullshit comes from a man (Toure) who sits on the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame nominating committee. That ought to be a dead give-away as to the credibility of this asshole. Among many rock fans, the RNRHOF is a fucking joke. Leaving out Rush after over forty years of making great music is their most glaring mistake. And please don't accuse me of being an Eddie Trunk clone. I think Eddie Trunk is a smart-ass whiner most of the time but he's got it right on this one. (If I ever go on That Metal Show I'll stump his ass but good) Fuck the RNRHOF and fuck Toure!

Anyway, watch the video below and see how someone with a little class does it.

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